Friday, July 12, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Summer

I've often followed Kids Clothes Week, but I've never officially participated.  I did quite a few things during and after the spring challenge.  It's what really gave me the kick in the pants to just jump in and get it done.  This time around, however, I plan on actually signing up.


I love the new website for it where you can sign in and upload all of your project info!  It's so easy to navigate and share.  I'm really excited for the kickoff on Sunday!

Miss really doesn't need much in the way of summer clothes anymore so I plan on working on her Fall transition wardrobe.  I have some shorts and knickers and tunics planned out.  I've started printing patterns and coordinating fabrics already.  Is that against the rules?  I figure if I'm supposed to spend an hour sewing each night, I might as well have things planned out right?

My palette is cool greys, berries, blues and pinks.  We'll see if anything else comes up between now and then.  So, if I'm scarce for the next week, you know why.  Of course, I should have a few projects to post about once I'm done.

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