Friday, June 21, 2013

First Sleeves for Little Alice

Alice 1

I decided to finally tackle sleeves when I decided that Little Miss would make a perfect tiny Alice for her second Halloween.  At that point she was watching Alice in Wonderland on repeat, all day if I'd let her.  Sleeves were one of those things I'd just have to learn to do if an Alice costume was to be made.

Drafting a basic bodice and straps is easy enough, but I could not wrap my brain around sleeves.  I searched for the right pattern and settled on Carla's Precious Dress.  The sleeve seemed to have the right amount of puff and the peter pan collar was perfect (who doesn't love a peter pan collar?).

This pattern was perfect for a beginner like me.  It was straight forward, had a ton of pictures and explained everything in great detail.  The need to rip out and resew every seam had nothing to do with the pattern, but all to do with my inability to pay attention and repeatedly sewing things wrong sides together even though I'd double checked *sigh*.  All in all, the process went quit smoothly and I was more than happy with the finished product :)

Of course, a proper Alice needs a very full petticoat.  So, I ruffled and sewed 280 inches of ruffles in layers to make one.  I had some eyelet trim that I'd bought for some crazy cheap amount that I used on the bottom to add a little something to it.  I have used that eyelet trim on so many things since and I've used it all up now.  I'm on the lookout for more.

homemade 7
That was a labor of love!

I drafted a pattern for the apron as well.  The one included in the pattern was merely sewn in at the waist and wasn't a proper pinafore and I'm kind of insane about authenticity when it comes to my costumes LOL.

homemade 6

Of course, it's very cold on Halloween in the Northwest so she needed something warm to go over it.  I think it's such a shame when someone spends so much time and energy on a costume only to cover it with a puffy coat.  I decided to she needed a cape.  The cape is made out of heavy corduroy and lined in black and white harlequin minky.  This puppy is WARM and so soft.  My daughter has worn it on many other occasions instead of a coat.  It's actually a favorite of hers and she's still wearing it almost 3 years later!

Little Alice Little Alice

Apparently, I didn't have enough to do because I also made a red rose brooch and red rose and mushroom bracelet to complete the ensemble.  Then, I busted out mad hatter costume for my youngest son.  Somehow, I never managed to get more than cellphone snapshots of it!  But, rest assured, my son was adorable (but don't tell him I said so because he says he's too old to be cute).

alice 3 alice 2

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