Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Simple Dress

Sarah Jane's fabrics are always inspiring and so perfect for children.  The simple pattern on her Children at Play On Parade fabric is perfect for a dress or skirt.  I wanted something simple so that it wouldn't take away from the fabric.  It's such a beautiful piece of art that I wanted to let it shine.

I actually made this last summer and it was only the fourth dress I'd made.  It ended up being ridiculously big somehow.  I seem to fail at measuring.  Good news, though, it fits her great this year :)

This dress was even more simple than the Persnickety knockoff.  Just rectangles and no pintucks. Granted, there were quite a few gathers, but nothing like the petticoat I made for her Alice costume a couple of years ago!

Simple Ruffle Dress
The skirt is fully lined and I added a matching ruffle to the lining to help balance the whole thing.

Simple Ruffle Dress
It closes with a knot in the back.  I made two button holes and just threaded the straps through after making sure they were long enough to tie together.

Simple Ruffle Dress
Please excuse the stray thread.  I only just noticed it.  Where do these strays come from?  I can spend an hour trimming threads and somehow, they just keep showing up.  It's like there is some strange thread breeding ground in the closet.  This even happens to my store bought clothing some time.

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