Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pretty Peach Pinafore: Persnickety Knock off

I couldn't resist the alliteration.

So, this outfit was inspired by Persnickety.  I couldn't afford buying theirs so I made my own. I especially loved the apricot underdress.  So perfect for warm summer days and it layered beautifully with the pinafore.  I was smitten!  It's not the first time I've had to make my own Persnickety dress.  I made a pin tucked jumper last summer.  I might have a problem.

I used the bodice and sleeve pattern from five and ten designs to construct both pieces.  I also made my underdress 100% reversible.  The inside is pink chambray and the outside is apricot shot cotton.  I forgot to get photos of the pink dress, but it's pretty basic.  The apricot is my favorite anyway.

I scooped the neck on the bodice and brought it to a subtle "v" in the front.  I also brought in the shoulders a bit so that the whole thing would look more fitted.  Nice and simple but the shot cotton adds texture to the dress and spices it up.

Since I wanted the dress to be reversible, I had to sew on an exposed zipper.  I used a brown one to compliment the orange dress and then layered pink lace over it.  I also ran lace down the back seam of the dress.

I love how the lace and exposed zipper makes an otherwise plain dress a bit more exciting.

The pinafore's sleeves are trimmed in cotton lace and the neck is bound with matching apricot shot cotton which comes around the back to form the ties.  Little Miss has demanded a pocket.  She was sad that there was nowhere to store her treasures.

The back is left open.  You can see the zipper on the under dress.  It ties at the top and the waist with apricot ties.  I think it's cute, but it reminds me a bit of a hospital examination gown.  I'm toying with the idea of putting a button on the top but I'd have to add extra width to the back (perhaps a tab would work?)  If I do that, I'll add a bodice lining as well and lose the bias binding at the neck.

Little Mis prefers the under dress without the pinafore.  I might too.  I have a pair of linen shorts in the works to put under the pinafore for warmer summer days.

  • fabrics: Kaffee Fasset shot cotton in apricot and Art Gallery Reminisce
  • pattern: five and ten designs modified


  1. Very pretty, love that peach print fabric! So nice and springy!

  2. oh my SOOO cute!! Featuring you in a fabulous round up of Spring clothes today! Thanks for linking up Create Link Inspire party! Hop on over and check out the fun features!! happy weekend! Emily
    I'm going to be e-mailing you an invite to my summer sewing series soon ;o)