Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fabric Remorse

I bought the most beautiful purple plaid wool fabric for a project. I have plenty of it. Even though it was expensive, I bought a little bit extra. You know, "just in case". I've made my muslin so I understand the pattern and it fits the way it should but I just can't bring myself to cut into the fabric. It's been sitting on my table for several days just waiting for me to bite the bullet. I'm afraid I"ll mess it up. It is the most expensive fabric I've ever used and also the most beautiful. I had a similar feeling when I was cutting into the fabric for the vintage dress earlier this year. I'd had that fabric over a year, waiting for the perfect pattern. I literally walked away, scissors in hand four times before I was able to make the first cut. This time around, it's even more difficult. I'm considering just hanging the entire 1.5 yards on the wall so I can just look at it every day instead of making a garment that will be outgrown. But, alas, I must persevere. I WILL cut it!


  1. You can do it! It will turn out great. And then you can hang the finished piece of clothing on the wall after she outgrows it!

  2. ooh great fabric! You'll regret NOT cutting into it! Trust me, I have some fabrics that I didn't want to cut into and now my daughter is too big to fit into the amount of fabric I have.. It would have been better as a dress than just folded fabric on the shelf!

  3. Thanks for the pep talk! Intellectually, I know you are all right but emotionally, I'm still avoiding it ;)

    I've had plenty of outgrown yardage LOL Recently, I just made a ton of bias tape and piping with it :D

  4. Some times I have the exact same problem...
    Go for it!

  5. I know exactly how you feel. My sister found a blog with a dress she liked and so she bought the fabric and asked me to make it. But she didn't buy a pattern. It was a beautiful '40s style and I really like it. So after considering for several days the best way to do it, I drew the pattern up and sat for at least an hour, scissors in hand, wondering if I had done something wrong and if it would turn out right. I went over it so thoroughly on my head, I knew it had to work. And it did! I am so happy I made it. So is she :) if you are interested, you can see it on my blog,

    1. This is actually the link to the post, the dress is near the bottom.