Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fabric Stash Buster

I've had this fabric for at least two years.  Originally, I bought it for an Easter dress but I never really got around to cutting it out.  So, it sat with my fabrics for a very long time.  Occasionally, I'd pull it out for a project, but it just never seemed to be right.  Then, inspiration struck!  It was perfect for a Market Dress!

I decided to put pockets the dress this time around, and I made the skirt fuller than the previous one too.  Pockets are always a winner in my book.  They also add +10 to any outfit in the eyes of my daughter.

She likes to carry stuffed animals in her pockets.  Also rocks.  Lots of rocks.

Look at that jaunty little bunny peeking out of her pocket!

I put brown buttons down the back.  Originally, I went with silver, but they were all wrong.  I clipped them all off and replaced them with brown.  Much better.

This will be darling with a long sleeved shirt under it too.  I'm thinking of making a long sleeved ruffle blouse for this coming fall and winter.

  • pattern - Amelie & Henri Market Dress
  • fabric- Bunny Hill by Moda


  1. Awww, love it. She looks adorable in this cute dress!

  2. So adorable. And, your photography - gorgeous!

  3. What a cute little outfit. Love pockets and pin tucks.