Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm moving!

We bought our first house!  This is exciting for us because we've been moving every couple of years for the last 8 years.  Things have gone awry with our rentals (owners selling, moving back in, deciding to rent to their children, fires...) so we are over the moon to finally have a place to truly settle into (we've already slapped some paint up on the walls!).

Unfortunately, that means another move.  This time, we're only moving a little ways, instead of across the state through a snow storm of doom, so things are looking up.  But, that means that sewing frenzy of procrastination needs to come to an end and I need to actually pack for my move next week.  Yeah, I said next week.

I'll be gone for a bit while I get things sorted out and put away.  Try not to miss me too much.

Last night I packed up most of my sewing room.  All of my fabric is in boxes.  All of my sewing notions are tucked into littler boxes inside bigger boxes.  All of my patterns are taped up and filed with all the other boxes against the wall.  I shall be wearing black until all is unpacked and I can back to what I love.

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